Northants based award winning wedding and events photographer Ketan
Wedding Photography by Ketan Northants based photographer

Capturing those special
moments in time

How many times have we heard, “you are only young once” or “time waits for no man”. The truth of the matter is, we are all passengers in time. We burn bright for just a short blink of an eye in the time frame of the universe and then we are gone.

Every time I click the shutter I know that another fleeting moment has gone and that event will never occur again but I have such power because with my camera I am able to freeze time and capture a moment for posterity.

A fleeting image, whether its personal moment in a life or an amazing event in this fabulous world, can be captured easily by anyone with a camera but how it's captured is the difficult part.

If you want to look back on an event and relive the atmosphere or view a portrait and recall every detail relating to that person, then I can help you. The images on this website speak for me. If you require a photographer that needs to capture your special moment in time, contact me, Ketan.